The Teacher Doesn’t Like my Child



— By Francis from Sierra Leone

If God wanted you to be rich, you would be.

Before I start, let me say that I believe some things are meant to be, and many things have no explanation. But very few things. From childhood, our society has taken away personal responsibility from its citizens. As a result, we have learned the blame game. It is never our fault. Something or somebody caused it. We do not teach honour here.

If a child does not study, plays, and fails, the parent must find a way to rationalize it: “The teacher does not like my child,” or, “It is the stepmom,” or, “If his father had bought textbooks, the result would have been different.” We delight in delusion and never get honest appraisals. “My boss does not like me because I am from the north” – on and on it goes. Religious practitioners here assist in reinforcing the message. There is a spirit of adultery, there is a spirit of failure, there is a spirit of laziness. The only spirits missing in the line-up are those of stupidity and gullibility.

By reinforcing external causative powers, we rob the society of self-accountability. My local council is trying, but it is being sabotaged by the central government. That’s how we play it here. Everything here is government. Even government blames government. No one is government. Citizen accountability is zero. Citizen participation is nil. People are willing to blame the central government for things their local governments should do. Every day, many accept that sin is why we are backward. There is a divine prosperity present. Absent in village churches, but conveniently present in mega churches with large numbers of congregations that are told how tithes and offerings are triggers to wealth. Churches in my village chiefdom are yet to understand that.

But that is our society. We have all abdicated responsibility. It’s the Devil. It’s witchcraft. It’s destiny. Is this a society that wants change?


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