I’m Mamadou Adama Diallo. I am a Guinean living in Senegal. I am a Computer Engineer and blogger. For me, the role of African youth is not to complain about history, but to make it. I am fighting ever day to make this world a better place to be for all humanity. I am also fighting against all forms of discrimination.




Sam Jumbwike is a freelance writer based in Kampala, Uganda.


Abdulmumin (1)


I am Abdulmu’min Edidi, from Nigeria. I live in Lagos and I am a student of Civil Engineering. I believe in diplomacy and democracy, and I believe everything is possible, including a violence-free universe.




I’m Adan from somalia, I’m 21 yrs old, senior and last semester of Simad University with the department of public administration, I’m online courser exposed person, I have 7 certificates from online including YaLa Citizen Journalism, I’m finance officer at Banadir zone primary and secondary school, and part time direct sales representative at premier Bank of Somalia. I’m a reader, sometimes writer blogger, humble, fictional character, funny poster at Facebook and grade A student at the University.




Hi people, My name is Adebisi from Nigeria. I am a computer professional, education advocate United Nations Global Champion for Women’s Economic Empowerment and Mentor at Empower Women. I founded the first exclusively feminist education and entrepreneurship hub in Africa – – but my real satisfaction comes from the grass-root work I do in under-served communities. I’ve got countless compelling stories from these little communities and as co-editor, I’ll be sharing these stories in a way that drives social change.




AnuOluwapo Adelakun is a passionate girl child and women rights advocate working on issues affecting marginalized girls and women in Nigeria. She’s a UNICEF Voices of Youth alumni, Carrington Youth Fellow of the US Consulate in Lagos, Nigeria and a UN WOMEN/Empower Women Global Champion for Change who grooms and mentors girl leaders across the globe.




Good morning everyone, my name is Akhona, a rural girl from the outskirts of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Born and bred but came to Johannesburg to nurture my journalism passion but along the way that passion died down a bit… I am currently working as a Social media Strategist Intern.




Hi everyone, my name Ajayi, a graduate of psychology from Nigeria. I am 22 years old. I am a people person which made me pursue my career in Human Resources. I am passionate about empowerment (youth and women) and human capital development. I believe humans are the greatest asset. I am a seldom writer and I publish my articles on I believe in gender equality, providing women and girls, men and boys with equal access to education, health care, decent work, and representation in political and economic decision-making processes will fuel sustainable economies and benefit societies and humanity at large.




Hello. I am Alexandrine. I am native of Togo but I live in Burkina Faso for some reasons. First I am Broadcast Journalist at Omega FM, a private owned radio. When it comes to hobbies , I love reading, much traveling and I spent some time on photography.




Hello Everyone, my name is Amaka. I’m from Nigeria, 29 years old, and a graduate of Mass Communication currently doing a Master’s Program in Journalism. I have for the past 3 years been involved in a Voluntary Social/community services while working part time with a Local Newspaper. Particularly interested in Online Journalism and as part of my project work, I’m looking at Online News objectivity in my country, the problem and prospects.




Angesom G. Teklu is a Civic Leader, Social Entrepreneur and a Citizen Journalist from Eritrea. Currently he is the coordinator of the YALI-Eritrea community and a YaLa alumni. He also represents his country in various regional and international organizations




Hello, I’m Assumpta from the country of Thousand Hills (Rwanda).I m a journalist and i m very happy to be a part of Yala Africa Press. I do beleive that we will have good time and learn new things from each other and work together to make a Wolrd a better place for everyone.




Hello all. I am Chimezie, I am 30 years old and I have an Msc in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution. I have been involved in volunteering for more than 10 years now particularly in the areas of Youth Advocacy, social change, community development, education and literacy and self development. I currently run a blog and Speak at events. I am also a Compere.




Hello everyone. I am Clare and I am a journalist and social media specialist from Uganda. I have graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism and Communication in 2016.



Hello all,  My name is Denis, I am a Professional and Practicing Broadcast Journalist born, raised and currently living In Uganda, the pearl of Africa. I am an out going person,loving, caring and friendly.




Hi, my name is Edem and I am a Development Practitioner in Nigeria. Before transitioning fully into the civil society space, I worked for over 6 years in areas of human rights and criminal defense litigation as well as community civic initiatives and fostering a democratic orientation. In 2011, I founded MAYEIN -Mentors Assistance for Youths & Entrepreneurs Initiative, a registered NGO which provides trainings in leadership, civic engagement processes and enterprise development for youths in Nigeria. My organization also operates a mobile library and civic hub in Ibadan. I also volunteer as a resource person on civic engagement at the American Corner. I’m a real bookworm and I enjoy reading the children’s books in my mobile library collection. I would love to build a youth city in my country with workshops, skills trainings, vocationals, research and accommodation facilities for adolescents and youths. I also intend to pursue a career as a law maker in the near future.



Hello everyone, I’m Editoro. A 20 years old Nigerian, and currently a student of communication arts in university of Uyo. I also work as a freelance writer for a couple of blogs.I am awed by the diversity of culture, ethnicity and careers here and I am inspired by what we can achieve together, in learning and networking and I am strengthen by the fact that we will become beacons of hope, in our respective places of abode.




Hello everyone. I am Elvis from Burundi. I am studying Agriculture and I work in a Jewish NGO in my country.




Hello I am Epiphane from Benin Republic. I am working in a not-for-profit Danish NGO providing Education to children and youth people in rural disadvantaged areas through sponsorship. I am passionate of Civil rights, women empowerment, Child Protection, and lots of of the topics. like Knowledge Management, Community development and …… I am in love with the net, want to know how to use it to address many issues affecting the youth and my community.




Greetings from the most populous black nation, Nigeria. I am Festus, a humanitarian with a deep seated desire for human interest stories. I kick-started my journalism career in 2014 with a national newspaper, the Nation. I am currently a senior reporter for U.S based Youth Journalism international. Did I remember to tell you I’m also a fresh graduate of Mass communication, University of Nigeria, Nsukka?




Hello I am Francis from Sierra Leone, living and studying in Turkey. Francis is a creative person with broad outlook, constantly developing and expanding experience. Francis speaks two languages very well and three languages badly. He loves to travel and is an avid bachata dancer and a scrabble enthusiast.




Hi everyone! I’m Franklin. I am Nigerian and I live in Lagos, Nigeria. Currently, I’m a graduate assistant at a university in Nigeria. It’s part of a program called NYSC where graduates get to work in different states far from home and serve their fatherland. I’m also a writer for OMGVoice Africa in addition. I love to travel and get to see the world so I’m sharing this picture of Idanre Hills in Ondo state, Nigeria. I’m also a lover of the arts, movies, TV shows and music.




Hello, my name is Hellen Roberta from Kenya. I am 26 years old, with a background in Communications and Journalism. I’m passionate about community work, and working with young people.




Warm greetings everyone. Ibrahim Bahati is my name and I do come from Uganda. I am currently an MA student of Gender Studies and Co-instructor of Gender and Development program at SIT for Study Abroad, Uganda. I also have had previous hit publications in Op-ed writing on post modern wars and today’s terrorism, peace, violence (appeared in Huntington News, Las Vegas Informering, etc) and gender issues. I also volunteer for the Global Education Conference Network in moderating global education conferences that take place annually. Recently, I was also working a Secretary for the International Summer School students council at the University of Oslo, Norway.


james ekene


Hi, my full name is James Ekenedilichukwu (Thanks be to God) Odigwemmadu ( Multitude of persons) but friends call me Kay so let’s just stick to that. I am from Igbo speaking ethnic group in Nigeria, Studied Languages and Linguistics, currently anchors Youth platform a Radio programme that channels Positive reinforcement of young people’s participation and involvement in Governance, Advocacy, Networking and Rural Youth Outreach, Doubles as Editor and Producer of Programmes and News Reports on the Network service of Radio Nigeria, listen to some past editions on oh yes I also anchor Opinion Monday a weekly show that advocates press freedom and objectively analyze political development in the country while serving as a watch dog to bad governance.

On the sideline I Produce and Present a 15 minutes celebrity websiodes on YouTube. feel free to check it out, you might see your favorite Nigerian Star

I enjoy amazing and delicious meals though I don’t know how to cook, don’t judge me, I worship on the altar of fashion and music and I appreciate my space and comfort. yes I know that sounds vain. I travel a lot, at this stage in my career I am keen to learn more from an institution like YaLa that will provide me with opportunities that will last a lifetime.




Hello everyone, my name is James from Kenya. I’m currently a PhD student of communication and a teacher at Rongo University College. I’m happy to meet all of you from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds but with one common interest: activism. My interests are in Media and Information Literacy (MIL) and international communication.




Hello I am James, Malawian teacher by professional and I’m a current law student at the University of Malawi, Chancellor College. I’m also a member of World youth Alliance WYA, just completed CTP, a member of Amnesty international and I have Honor Code Certificate in Human rights Freedom of Expression.




Hey guys. My name is Kearoma, but everyone calls me Mido. I’m a 23yo Motswana who’s currently finishing off a degree in Applied Sciences. I’m also a writer who’s only wish is to travel, write and sit by a river bank reading African classics.




Hello everyone, I am Lealimo(Lea) from Lesotho. I am a journalist and a news anchor at People’s Choice Radio (PCFM) in Lesotho. I’mm delighted to be part of this group.




Hello Everyone, I am Lena from Malawi, also known as the Warm Heart of African. I am a communications specialist working in the Civil Society space. I am a love site seeing, chatting and playing netball. I am a journalist by study, but haven’t been active in the mainstream media hence want to contribute more. It makes me so happy to get to know new people and learn from their experiences and also get to understand their context. Am always amazed how much interaction makes me wiser and sharpens my thinking capacity…..




Hello! I’m Linus from Nigeria. I just graduated from the University of Nigeria’s Department of Mass Communication. I’m an associate editor with Youth Journalism International based in Connecticut, U. S.



Hello everybody, I am Lova from Madagascar. I have graduated in communication and I would like to pursue my studies in international relations. I have co-founded a youth-led organization that empower young people.




Hi my name is MacDonald from Blantyre, Malawi in the southern region.  I am an up and coming young journalist with passion in writing, researching and telling stories on public interest through videos (documentaries) and photos that bring change to societies with regardless of social differences.




Hi Everyone, My name is Maria from Uganda. I am a Communications professional. I ❤ reading! Last week I bought six books…. now I just need to find the time to read them 😦 I have a personal blog called ‘Happily Flawed




Hi everyone,my name is Mark and I am 24, currently in my final year of University and I’m from Zimbabwe. I’m an aspiring photographer and graphic designer, I love traveling, meeting new people and helping others.




Hi all, I am Millie from Kenya. I am a lawyer by training and a traveler by heart. Traveling has been close to my heart and I decided to share my adventures and all things that I learn from it through my blog. I believe traveling is a good way to promote peace as terrorism is an act to scare us from visiting places and create animosity among us.




Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca,I am from Burundi originally but i have spent all my childhood in a camp of refugees in Tanzania.I am 24 years old and have a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences .I have been back in Burundi since 2008 and I am engaged in civic leadership.I enjoy teaching,travelling,reading,and volunteering.I value teamwork and respect the opinions of others.More, I have great passion for youth empowerment.I am fluent in four languages: English,vFrench,vKiswahilivand Kirundi my mother tongue.I am always eager to learn new things that relate to my values and field of interest.




Hello everyone, I am Samantha Mercella Osanjo from Nairobi,Kenya. I study Mass Media and Journalism. I love Art thus my blog: I’m a news junkie (both local and international) which leads to lots of competition over the remote




Hi everyone! My name is Sanet and I am from the sunny, intriguing and complex country of South Africa! I am thrilled to meet so many if you from entirely different regions and countries because that’s part of my essence: meeting interesting individuals that can teach me about themselves and their experiences, especially from different countries. I LOVE travelling and exploring and have recently decided that I want to be a journalist.




My name is Sebastiane and I am a YALA Citizen’s Journalist from Nigeria. I write under the pseudonym ‘sebthegenius’. I was created to give a voice to the silent thoughts and hush whispers that are often unheard. ‘Omosede’ the old village midwife, who cut my umbilical cord testified saying; ‘this one will tell the tales for all those without a voice. I am not the writer you know, I am weirder. My writing is like nothing you have come across, I know.

I was born with a sacred quail and ink pot; a voice thundering from above saying ‘this one has been created to scribe’. Strike the venerated ‘gong’ ONCE, and I will be at your service. I was created for this purpose and schooled by Masters of this Art. I have earned my right to practice. The choice is yours and the power to be God lies in your hands!




Hi all my name is Steven from Namibia. I am 27 years old,  my dream is to rewrite the narrative of not only Namibian youth but youth across Africa. I am a social worker by profession. I have been part of various social justice initiatives including The Young Achievers Empowerment Project, which I co-founded in 2004. We have been involved in campus ministry equipping students for market place impact passed seven years. I also freelance on several youth programs and radio broadcasts.




Hey all! My name is Thato,I am a 34 years old activist journalist from Lesotho.I am passionate about giving oppressed communities voice through my work. I am a Mandela Washington Fellow 2015 and currently heading a campaign called 5000 steps to the future,which aims to collect 5000 new school shoes to give to orphans who walk the longest distance between home and school. I hold a bachelor’s degree in English language and Geography.




Hello everyone! My name is Theodora. I was raised in Nigeria but i am 100% Ghanaian. I currently work as a News Editor at a private television station in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. I graduated from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism in 2012 and in 2015 I graduated from the Ghana Institute of Journalism. I am someone who is not like anyone you know. I hate to see girls/women unable to maximize their potentials just because they are Females. I crave for a violence free society for women. Anytime I read books on motivation, I’d tell myself that someday someone would read my book. I am a potential Writer, Author, Teacher and Speaker.




Hello everyone. I am Thomas from Liberia, i am originally from Southeastern Liberian city of Zwedru, but now in Paynesville City, near Monrovia. I have been refugee and lived in Ivory Coast for 5 years and Ghana for another 6 years, return to Liberia in 2006 and have since been involved with community service initiatives, especially involved with community peace-building, and social cohesion, crimes awareness and prevention activities among youth and students. Liberia been a country coming out of conflict, with its youthful population been heavily involved in the battle as children soldiers, needed programs to re-integrate them, empower, and develop them into useful citizens.



Hi! My name is Barakat Tiamiyu, I was born to a Nigerian parents, I reside in Nigeria. I am a Bsc student of Urban and Regional Planning at Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria and I am 19 years old. I am a youth and peace advocate, environmentalist and ready volunteer. I am passionate about youth inclusion in policy making, open governance and youth participation in environmental actions.




Hello everyone! I’m Zanele from South Africa. I’m a Youth Advisor for United Nations Population Fund (South Africa) and the Founder of The Young Social Entrepreneurs Academy – YSEA. I am currently a Epidemiology (Public Health) postgraduate student at the University of Stellenbosch. As a youth passionate about youth participation, leadership and representation by collaborating with people to co-create innovative solutions to pressing socioeconomic challenges, I am currently the National Youth Representative to the UNFPA Safeguarding Young People’s Regional Programme Steering Committee, as well a youth board advisor for the Wits Reproductive Health & HIV Institute and a member of the Public Health Association of South Africa.